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Live Patch- June 21st 2023

A new patch will take place to add new events and packages. Full patch details can be found below:

■ 6/21 Patch Notes

Patch Schedule

  • 6/21 (Wed) Starts at 8:55 AM (PDT)
  • 6/21 (Wed) Starts at 08:55 (System Time)

1. Spartan Titan will now appear in game

Descendants, a new Titan has arrived: The Spartan! This fearless warrior adds a new tool to your army that will tilt the battlefield and force your enemies to scramble to adapt to your strategy. To unlock the Spartan will require 10 shards- fragments will be available in the store and can also be earned via some events. You can find some details about how to earn the Spartan fragments HERE.

2. Titan Updates

As part of the expansion of the new Titan, the Spartan, we will also be introducing a few new additions to all of the Titans!

  • All Titans are now able to reach Level 80.
  • All Titans can now be enhanced up to +10.
  • We will also be making a slight adjustment to how Participating Troop Power is used in battles with Titans. By lowering the ratio that reduces the amount of damage your Titan can deal, there will be more opportunities for you to meet the full potential of your Titan(s). As you begin to make progress on any Titan, the troops required to meet 0% damage reduction will be reduced. This ratio is dependent on the relationship between Titan Combat Power and Participating Troop Power.

3. Fix: Titan Research and Lord Power

Included in this patch is a fix for a UI issue which prevented power gained from Titan Research from reflecting correctly in overall Lord Power. Note: Any research events were not affected by this issue and all participants earned correct points.
This issue has since been resolved for new and past research. As this is retroactive, you may see your power increase slightly from any previously completed Titan Research.

4. Event Center

Growth Event – Sunday, Monday.

Skirmish Event – Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday, Sunday.

Replenish Event – Monday, Wednesday, Friday.

*Targets and rewards reset daily. Remember to claim earned rewards before midnight (System Time).
*Skirmish Event grants points for ‘Kill Troop Power’, where only enemy killed troops count. Enemy injured troops and the attacker’s own dead/injured troops don’t.

5. New packages in the shop

  • Regicide
  • Recruitment Rush
  • Divine Knowledge
  • Titanic Alliance War
  • True Equipment

* These data changes will be applied upon reconnecting to the game after the patch. Events and Packages can be found in the game after the day reset, unless otherwise stated.

Go Forth, Descendants!