Rise of Firstborn
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Patch Notes & Weekly Events- December 6th 2023

A new patch will take place to add new events and packages. Full patch details and information about this week’s events can be found below: ■ 12/06 Patch Notes Patch Schedule (New…[]

Producer Pomona Presents

Hey Descendents, Happy December! It’s been quite the year so far in RFB, there’s no denying it. Since joining the team, I’ve witnessed some big ups and downs and I know you…[]

Rise of Firstborn

Rise of Firstborn is one of the most popular
real-time tactical PVP mobile games.

Join the epic war on a restless battlefield against players worldwide. Build your own epic kingdom, unlock legendary heroes, raise powerful
armies and defend the world against magical monsters of myth.

Rally with players across the world and enter the world of Rise of Firstborn.