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Patch Notes – September 14th 2022


Greetings, Descendants!

A new patch will take place on September 14th to add new events, packages and…some brand NEW Castle Skins!

Each of Eliona’s skins will provide the following Castle Buff:

25% reduction of enemy troop defense when attacking them.

Acquisition Method: 

  1. Eliona’s Garden tickets will be distributed through the Inn’s Random Card Draw. 
  2. Eliona’s Glade will be available for purchase in the VIP shop.
  3. Eliona’s Oasis tickets will be available via packages.


■ 9/14 Patch Notes

● Patch Schedule

  • 9/14 (Wed) 8:55 AM (PDT)
  • 9/14 (Wed) 08:55 (System Time)


● Patch Details

1. New Eliona Castle Skins (x3)

2. New events in the Event Center

  • Construction/Research Event
  • Dark Moon Troop Kills
  • Gold Rush
  • Special Gold Event

3. Random Card 10X Event

4. New packages in the shop

  • September Weekly Special Package
  • For the Titans!
  • Convenient Dark Moon Package
  • Dark Moon Premium Package
  • Brutal Alliance War
  • Eliona’s Oasis


* These changes will be applied upon reconnecting to the game after the patch.
* Events and package details can be found in the game after the day reset.

Go Forth, Descendants!