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Patch Notes- September 13th 2023

A new patch will take place to add new events and packages. Full patch details can be found below:

Update: Also included in this patch is an update to monsters. All level monsters will now have a chance of dropping Monster Blood! The highest grade you could earn will be dependent on the level monster that you are attacking.

■ 9/13 Patch Notes

Patch Schedule

    • 9/13 (Wed) Starts during downtime at 8:55 AM (PDT)
    • 9/13 (Wed) Starts during downtime at 8:55 (System Time)

1. NEW: Apothecary Building

A new outer castle building is now available: the Apothecary! We have been looking for ways to make Revival Herbs more readily available, and this is part of those efforts. The apothecary will produce herbs on an ongoing basis just like your resource production buildings, allowing you to collect the latest batch every hour.

Lords can build up to two apothecaries in their castle. Construction and upgrading takes standard construction materials starting with Maester’s Compass and progressing to Marble, Divine Stone and Quartzite as you level it up.

2. NEW: Divine Legion Research

Introducing 3x new research trees specific to Inquisitors, Paladins and Crusaders! Read more in our Dev Diary HERE

3. FIX: Crusader & The Legion Portrait Frame

The amount of tickets required to unlock the Crusader Portrait Frame will be reduced from 145 to 1.

4. Login Event
Select the pile of presents in your castle everyday to receive rewards such as Humble Divine Caches, Faith, Titan Tears, Quartzite, Moonstone Chance Chests and more! Make sure you don’t miss out on Days 7 and 14 specifically as they contain Gold and a Divine Cache!

Login Event Start/End Times:
9/14 (Thu) 12:00 AM – 9/28 (Thu) 12:00 AM (PDT)
9/14 (Thu) 00:00 – 9/28 (Thu) 00:00 (System Time)
Remember to claim earned rewards before the event ends!

5. Event Center

  • Growth Event – Sunday, Monday.
  • Skirmish Event – Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday, Sunday.
  • Replenish Event – Monday, Wednesday, Friday.

*Targets and rewards reset daily. Remember to claim earned rewards before midnight (System Time).
*Skirmish Event grants points for ‘Kill Troop Power’, where only enemy killed troops count. Enemy injured troops and the attacker’s own dead/injured troops don’t.

6. New packages in the shop

  • Dark Moon Special Package
  • Sanctum Equipment: Lantern of Liveratus
  • Sanctum Equipment: Savior’s Key of the Sanctum
  • Sanctum Equipment: Shining Breastplate
  • Sanctum Equipment: Medallion of Sanctuary
  • Convenient Dark Moon Package
  • September Luxury Package

* These data changes will be applied upon reconnecting to the game after the patch. Events and Packages can be found in the game after the day reset, unless otherwise stated.

Go Forth, Descendants!