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Patch Notes – November 30th 2022

Greetings, Descendants!
A new patch will take place to add new events and packages. Full patch details can be found below:

■ 11/30 Patch Notes

Patch Schedule

  • 11/30 (Wed) 8:55 AM (PST)
  • 11/30 (Wed) 09:55 (System Time)

Patch Details

1. Golden Moon Bonus Event
Occupy Golden Moon sanctuaries during the event period (after 11/30 patch – before 12/7 patch) to earn bonus rewards from Platinum, Diamond and Master boxes, including Faith, Radiant Lord Material Chest, Aspirant Material Chest, Willful Material Chest, Ferocious Material Chest. An additional event will also run in the Event Center until 12 AM (System Time) Thursday 12/08/22.

2. Obelisk Sale
During the event period (after 11/30 patch – before 12/7 patch), the amount of Gold consumed for the enhancement of the Obelisk will be reduced by about 70%.

3. New events in the Event Center

  • Revive Troops
  • Continent Domination Event
  • Special Gold Event
  • Gold Rush

4. New packages in the shop

  • For the Titans!
  • Attack in Every Direction
  • Brutal Alliance War
  • Titan’s Tears, Faith purchase limits reset

* These changes will be applied upon reconnecting to the game after the patch.
* Events and package details can be found in the game after the day reset.

Go Forth, Descendants!