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Patch Notes- 7.0

Greetings, Descendants!


We are excited to bring you details of the features included in our brand new 7.0 Update – The Phantom World!


The Phantom World is a new event where alliance members can work together to gain more power or support higher level alliance members.


Increase your glory in The Phantom World and enlist the help of a brand new pet, the Phantom Whelp!


The Phantom Whelp doesn’t just look cute, it also provides you with buffs to help in your quest to control the Phantom Capital – but that’s not all! 


Helping your cause on the home front is a new hero, Lady Eliona, bringing your research efforts to new heights!


■ New Contents and Added Features


New Hero – Lady Eliona Reijindas

Eliona is a powerful scholar and magic user, from a realm of unstable magic. Her people and the Orc Clans have been rivals for generations, and with the coming of Infidus to her world the delicate balance has been upset. Eliona is a powerful researcher, with her assigned as Research Hero she can unravel mysteries and knowledge at unparalleled rates. Her people need your help, she is willing to grant you her powers in trade. It would be foolish not to accept.


[Eliona’s World Skills]

Research Speed V (max Research Speed +126%)

Research Speed V (max Research Speed +126%)

Research Speed V (max Research Speed +126%)

(cannot be traded) Research Speed V (max Research Speed +126%)

(cannot be traded) Research Speed V (max Research Speed +126%)

(cannot be traded) Research Speed V (max Research Speed +126%)

Mysterious Alliance

[Exclusive Eliona’s Rune]

– Research Speed (Research Speed +12%)


  • Crystalline Palace Skin


Beautify your castle with the all new Crystalline Palace Skin! 

The cost to revive dead troops is reduced by 20% for as long as the skin is equipped. 


  • Phantom World

Phantom World is our brand new event that we are excited for you to try out! 

Players of all levels are able to join up with their Alliance to grow together in a new PvE/PvP event where your team mount attacks on Phantom World Strongholds and other players to win special Phantom Troops to use against Sanctuaries and the Capital for ultimate victory!


  • Phantom Whelp


Though the new Phantom Whelp may be cute, it is also deadly! 

The Phantom Whelp specializes in Stronghold Farming and also provides a multiplier to Phantom World Drive Hunt.  You can gain this brand new pet from the in-game store!


  • Increases Troop Stronghold Attack
  • Increases Deployable Troop Size against Strongholds
    Increases March Speed against Strongholds
  • Increases drive hunt in Phantom World


● Sanctuary of Unity

Our 7.0 Update brings a new opportunity to help your alliance become the strongest power in the land by training everyone to run alliance Rally Attacks!

Rally your allies to compete in the Sanctuary of Unity weekly event and win prizes.


  • Regal Champion Attack Set

To coincide with the release of Phantom World, we have a brand new equipment set to assist your Hero in battle…The Regal Champion Set!

Lugged through the Realm Gates in chests by Eliona’s retainers, these powerful artifacts from the realms of the Elves are something never seen before. This power can be yours if you’re strong enough to wield it. What mighty heroes do you know who are worthy of these gifts?