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7.3 Release & Patch Notes – December 21st 2022

Greetings, Descendants!

Rise of Firstborn will be undergoing maintenance on December 21st, 2022.
Please note that the game will be inaccessible during the maintenance period.

Read on for more information, including our revised plan for Contracts.

■ 7.3 Release Notes

Maintenance Schedule

  • 12/21 (Wed) 8:50 AM – 3:00 PM (PST)
  • 12/21 (Wed) 9:50 – 16:00 (System Time)

v7.3 Release Details

NEW Citadel Level 50 Expansion
Levels 46-50 will be added for Citadel and inner castle buildings.

  • New castle skin for Citadel 50.
  • Resurrection of an Ancient City achievements and rewards have been extended to level 50.
  • Upgrading building levels from 45 to 50 requires a new resource: Quartzite.
  • This new resource will be available:
    • Participating in the Snowman Monster hunt event
    • Holiday Card event
    • Package

NEW Divine Legion Research
Divine Legion research tree will be added, allowing for massive improvement to T8 troops.

  • This tree is unlocked at Academy Level 42, with additional nodes being unlocked as you level your academy further.
  • Divine Legion Research costs Divine Tomes, which will be available through the Temple (via Wishes), Packages and Events.
  • Quartzite and Divine Tomes can be earned during the Snowman Monster Season Event and the Random Card Event (for C46-50), with additional future methods planned so keep a watch out!

NEW Purification
The Purification effect is now available for T8 troops. It causes a percentage of all casualties caused by Tier 8 Troops (referring to Troops they Injure or Kill) to be Destroyed.

  • Destroyed Troops are permanently lost and cannot be Healed or Revived.
  • Acquire Purification for Tier 8 Troops through Divine Legion Research.

Originally, contracts were going to be completely removed from this release. However, we have reassessed our plans due to the vocal support contracts received from the community. Due to Google & Apple review policies, we will not be able to re-enable the UI for the feature until January, preventing players from switching contracts during this window. However, all existing contract benefits will remain in effect. Early into the new year, the UI will be reenabled.

We remain committed to making the game more approachable. As a result, this feature remains on our radar, but any future action will be a replacement, rather than a removal, of contracts.

Various Adjustments

  • Training Speed buff will be added to Archery Range, Siege Workshop, Stable, and Training Grounds starting at Level 1.
  • Updated Temple Wishes will grant significant amounts of Faith, Divine Tomes, and 24-Hour Speed Ups for Construction, Research, and Troop Training.
  • AP Potions have been added to the daily Free Package, which has been returned to the Recommended tab.
  • Temple Wishes will no longer consume gold. Every player gets 1 free wish per Temple level.
  • Capital Protectorate band will be reduced to 9 Citadel Levels.
  • Revival Herbs will be added to the Divine Blessing event. Though Divine Blessing event will remain in the Event Center for now, this event will be removed during the month of January.

Patch Notes

1. Holiday Season’s Events
To learn about new and upcoming holiday events, check out the post below.
[Holiday Season’s Events – December 2022]

2. New events in the Event Center

  • Construction Event
  • Hunt Monsters
  • Special Gold Event
  • Gold Rush

3. New packages in the shop
Over the next two weeks you can expect to see these packages finding their way into the shop:

  • NEW Citadel 50 Celebration
  • NEW Monthly Quartzite
  • Stocking Stuffer! Moonstones
  • Stocking Stuffer! Resources
  • Stocking Stuffer! Dragon’s Blood
  • Stocking Stuffer! Revival Herbs
  • Hunter’s Dream
  • Special Mega Gold Package
  • Rise of New Year
  • NEW Sagacious Set
  • NEW Glorious Set
  • UPDATED Enhanced Sagacious Package
  • UPDATED Enhanced Glorious Package
  • *Regal Champion Set package can now be gifted to your favorite rally leader
  • The daily Free Package now contains AP potions, and can be found once again under the Recommended tab

12/28 Event Center

  • Training Completion Power
  • Chaotic Stronghold Victory
  • Special Gold Event
  • Gold Rush

Maintenance Compensation
Recipients: All Lords that logged in to the game before the maintenance period will receive the following compensation:

  • 30-Hour Peace Shield
  • 1,000,000 Gold
  • Lord’s AP Potion (10,000 AP)

* The rewards will be given after the maintenance is complete.
* The Peace Shield will be immediately applied. If a Peace Shield is currently active, the expiration time will be extended.
* We strongly recommend players to link their accounts before the maintenance period begins.
* The maintenance schedule and/or update content are subject to change.
* Buff items used before the maintenance period will have their remaining time consumed.

Go forth, Descendants!