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WrongThinker Thinks #01- The Divine Legion

Hello Descendants, WrongThinker here!

I’m the Design Director here at KIXEYE and, with this week’s release, we are proud to introduce our Tier 8 Troops: The Divine Legion.


We’ll be revealing more about the Divine Legion’s lore in the future, what gods they worship, what their aims are, and how they play into the world of Rise of Firstborn… but for now, the focus is on what they can do for you!

Let’s starts with the stats:

Our goal with the tuning of Tier 8 was to meaningfully exceed the base stats of Tier 7 (after Research), but ensure Tier 7 could still attack Tier 8 with full research and be successful.  With this tuning, the Tier of your Troops matters significantly, but your Research progress is still extremely important.  There will also be Tier 8 Research in the future.

Importantly, Tier 8 does a few things differently from Tier 7.


  • First, Tier 8 does not have the Preemptive Strike property.  This means they only deal their damage once in combat.  This makes figuring out combat outcomes a little more approachable.  They make up for not having this property in other ways.


  • Second, Tier 8 has the Protection property.  Protection completely negates all Preemptive  Strike damage.  Note that Tier 8 Troops still take normal combat damage from troops that have Preemptive Strike.


  • Finally, Tier 8 has the Purification property.  When Tier 8 Troops cause Casualties (either Injuries or Kills), a percentage of those Casualties are Destroyed.  To be clear: Destroyed troops are permanently dead.  Tier 8 Troops do not have Purification at launch, but it will be added in the coming weeks.


They cost fewer Basic Resources than Tier 7 Troops and no Diamond Shards, but require 50 Faith.  You’ll be able to acquire Faith through Packages and through certain activities in the Event Center, with more ways to acquire it being introduced in the coming months.  Lastly, they cost 20 Revive Points to revive in the Temple.


And there you have it!  The Divine Legion offers exciting new ways to wage war, we can’t wait to see how you use them!


Until next time, Descendants, this is WrongThinker signing off.