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Upcoming Titanic Alliance War Q&A with the Dev Team!

Greetings Descendants,

We are excited to announce that the next Q&A with the Dev team will be happening on Friday November 4th at 11AM PDT. This time around, the Game Team will be specifically focusing on Titanic Alliance War and we would love for you to join us! If you’re not a member of our Discord server yet, you can join our server by selecting the following link: 

 To help keep questions organized, we will be following the same format as last time and requesting that each Alliance select a “speaker” who will be the person to surface questions from their team. This will help ensure that we have the ability to answer as many questions as we can during the Q&A and minimize duplicated questions. 

We’ve received some great feedback regarding Titanic Alliance War so far and the Game Team are really excited to discuss this with you further. For this reason, we kindly ask that all questions focus primarily on this event. We’d also like to outline which types of questions we will not be answering to ensure that everyone joining us has the same expectations.


  • Duplicated or reworded questions
  • Questions regarding player accounts or balances
  • Previous resolutions or past experiences
  • Rude, condescending, or troll-like questions
  • Responses to our answers or follow-up questions**

**While we will do our best to loop back and answer follow up questions, in order to make sure we answer as many people as possible, we cannot guarantee that follow up questions will be answered during the Q&A.


In the following days after the Q&A, the community team will be going through the recent questions in the #ask-your-questions channel and will answer as many questions as we can. In this channel, anyone can ask questions so please feel free to drop your questions there if you are not the designated speaker for your Alliance and your question is not asked.

Once a speaker has been decided upon, please have them private message CM_Aela on Discord and let her know which Alliance you are representing. If you are not in an alliance or there is an issue, please reach out to Aela and we will assist.

We are so excited to chat with you all again and look forward to the 4th!