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Upcoming Changes to SVIP/VVIP Chat

Greetings Descendant! 


We have an important announcement to bring you regarding SVIP and VVIP Chat. Beginning March 13th 2023, Live Chat Support will be reduced to 8 hours a day, 7 days a week, from 5AM PST – 1PM PST (6AM System Time – 2PM System Time).

During this time, agents will be able to assist you as they usually would. That said, we will be opening a new priority Support Ticket queue for VVIP and SVIP players, which we would really encourage you to use! Currently, chat services are open 24/7 however, we understand that there are many instances where our agents may need to gain further information and resolutions are not always instant. Submitting a Support Ticket will allow our agents to assess your query and if necessary, gather the relevant answers/information from the Game Team before responding to your query. Our aim with this is to reduce the amount of back and forth needed and increase the ability to get you the answer or resolution you require with our first response.

With that said, the next question is how to get your account registered in Zendesk and marked as SVIP/VVIP. If your email address is connected to your account, you should receive a welcome email with instructions on how to set your password.

If not, that’s ok! Visit for a step-by-step guide on how to create a account. Once you have done this, youj can then submit a ticket to have your SVIP status updated!

Thank you,