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Spotlight: Regal Champion Returns!

Greetings Descendants!

Regal Champion set of equipment has added new enhancement levels, now maxing out at +20. When designing this expansion we aimed to make Capitals and Sanctuaries easier to defend, including vs solos, without invalidating other Divine equipment. We wanted every next level to feel like a worthwhile upgrade, but in its own way. We hope you enjoy figuring out how to best incorporate them in your builds! 

New levels will be a premium-only content for a while, becoming available through events later on. New enhancement materials, Regal Medallions, will be available in limited packages to ensure everyone has a good time even if they choose to upgrade at a slower pace. No one will be able to enhance to level 20 immediately.

Getting to Regal +16 and higher will require Regal Medallions. When dismantling new levels, only 60% of medallions will be refunded, the same rate as Medallions of the Sanctum. Enhancements until +15 will continue working without changes, refunding 100% of duplicate equipment pieces if dismantled. 

More Regal Medallions will become available in packages later to help you enhance to higher levels.

While designing the new set bonuses, we reached out to a select group of individual players to offer them the opportunity to give us early feedback. We went through two rounds of feedback with this focus group, and we are excited to show you where we have landed:

That’s it for now, Descendants. Be sure to join the conversation in Discord to share your opinions on the new levels, and we’ll be happy to see you there.

Best regards,

The RFB Dev Team