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Producer Pomona Presents

Hey Descendents,

Happy December! It’s been quite the year so far in RFB, there’s no denying it. Since joining the team, I’ve witnessed some big ups and downs and I know you all have been along for the ride – supporting us in lots of ways. Through giving your feedback, your critiques and call-outs, your time, resources, and passion! All of that support truly means a lot to us as individuals on the team and as a whole. We wouldn’t be here without you, and we are so grateful you’re here!

Since we took over the game, I know you’ve all seen your fair share of “KIXEYE math” – actions that don’t always make sense from the player perspective. Sometimes they were our data mistakes, and other times it was a symptom of our team not letting you all in on the process. In those times, we assumed we knew what was best. And we’re still fighting that today. For those of you who are with us on that adventure, from the bottom of my heart: thank you!

Now that I’ve gone all mushy with it, I’ll get to the ultimate point of this message. I decided it was time for some KIXEYE math to work in favor of those who have supported us most throughout the year, and I want to end the year with a bang!

The top 500 spenders from January – November 2023 will be receiving a loyalty gift today. The top 50 will get a luxury loyalty gift. The top 5 will get an exclusive luxury loyalty gift.

We want the gift to reach those who have supported us specifically through buying packs at a level that keeps the game thriving for all of us. We hope it encourages you to stay active in PvP events for many events to come – we know those events are the lifeblood of RFB!

For those who will not be receiving a loyalty gift today, I hope you don’t think that means I don’t see the ways you express your loyalty as well. I see you showing up for your allies, I see your joy and passion on the daily. I appreciate you, and I hope you enjoy playing Rise of Firstborn very much.

All that being said, I think we are in for an exciting December! We can look forward to a high-action True World, a player designed luxury pack, and updates on where everything is within the feedback portal. Oh, and.. also a break – I know I’m also excited for that 😀