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Rise of Firstborn 7.0 – The Phantom World – Overview

Greetings from KIXEYE!

Hello everyone, from the Rise of Firstborn team! It’s been a very exciting journey for us to learn, understand and engage with this game. Some of us were already playing it before it became our project so you can imagine how excited we were to get to dig in!

We’ve been working to make the next update, 7.0, one that addresses some of the suggestions from our players, as well as set the stage for even bigger updates that KIXEYE will be working on.

So we want to introduce our first steps into the world of RFB, with our newest hero:


Eliona Reijindas


Eliona is a powerful scholar and magic user, from a realm of unstable magic. Her people and the Orc Clans have been rivals for generations, and with the coming of Infidus to her world the delicate balance has been upset. Eliona is a powerful researcher, with her assigned as Research Hero she can unravel mysteries and knowledge at unparalleled rates. Her people need your help, she is willing to grant you her powers in trade. It would be foolish not to accept.


Phantom World

The Phantom World is a new event that we’re excited to deliver. We can’t share too much as we don’t want to give away the entire strategy right off the bat. However, our hope is that we can give Alliances room to grow and give every member, even those who are lower levels or under-powered, some way to meaningfully assist in your grand campaigns.


Regal Champion Attack Gear

The Regal Champion Attack set is being brought forward. Lugged through the Realm Gates in chests by Eliona’s retainers, these powerful artifacts from the realms of the Elves are something never seen before. This power can be yours if you’re strong enough to wield it. What mighty heroes do you know who are worthy of these gifts?


Final Thoughts

This is the first of many updates the KIXEYE team is looking forward to bringing to you. There is a lot to be done in a short amount of time, and we just know that we’re going to have so much fun in this world. Thanks for playing Rise of Firstborn and battling Infidus with us! Please follow us on Twitter( and join us on Discord (  to talk to the Dev Team.