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New Maintenance Procedure

Greetings Descendants! 


As you may know, we recently shared an update regarding some changes to the maintenance procedure- beginning Wednesday 1st March 2023. We understand that downtime is never fun for anybody so we have been working on ways to reduce the amount required. 

For this reason, we are hoping to move to a similar system to some of our other titles. What does this mean exactly? Well, similar to a Live Patch, data will deploy in the background whilst you continue playing the game as usual. 

However, unlike the usual maintenance procedure, this means the update will have a slower rollout and a 24-48 hour time period whilst the update propagates the app stores. This means that some players will be able to update shortly afterwards and others will see the update available during the next 24-48 hours. After this, any players who have not updated their app will receive a prompt which directs them to update before they can continue playing. 

It is important to note that any new game features will be locked until the update is available for ALL players. This ensures that everyone receives new content at the same time. In comparison, any included Quality of Life changes which do not alter gameplay will be available as each player updates the game- they will not be locked.

We have found this method to work well on some of our other titles as it allows our team to test out the new update in the live environment before it rolls out to all players. This means more stability and lessens the risks of bugs reported following an update. Additionally, it also means we don’t have to force everyone to update immediately, players have a short time period where they can update in their own time before being pushed by the game to do so.

Now with all that said, this is a new procedure for RFB and as such, there is a chance that some downtime may be required. If this is the case, we will update you accordingly.

Thank you,