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Dev Diary: This is Spartan!

This is Spartan

Descendants, a new Titan has arrived: The Spartan! This fearless warrior adds a new tool to your army that will tilt the battlefield and force your enemies to scramble to adapt to your strategy.

Balanced Type

The Spartan sits somewhere between the Warlord and Gatekeeper as a jack of all trades. It can lead your army to victory on an attack – but without the Warlord’s Charge Attack, or just as easily act as a guard captain – without the Gatekeeper’s Impregnable Defense. But that doesn’t mean the Spartan doesn’t have a major trick of its own.

The Spartan also works best as part of a large army, and will provide critical buffs to your attacking and defending armies through its parts and traits.

Skill: Hold the Gates

When the Spartan Titan successfully conquers a Capital or Sanctuary, a temporary shield (5 seconds) is activated on the target.


Dory – the Spartan’s spear

  • Increases the Spartan’s basic attack and critical hit damage
  • Increase rally troop attack, when attacking

Aspis – the Spartan’s shield

  • Increase the Spartan’s defense (%)
  • Increase the duration of Hold The Gates (+10 seconds at max level)
  • Increase rally troop defense, when defending


  • Increases the Spartan’s basic HP
  • Decrease enemy titan attack


  • Decrease enemy titan defense
  • Decrease enemy titan HP

Talisman of Defiance

  • Increases the Spartan’s attack (%)
  • Increase damage taken by the enemy Titan’s guard

Titan Core

  • Increases the Spartan’s guard chance
  • Increases troop attack

Set bonuses:

As you increase the level of the Spartan’s parts, new and powerful set bonuses will become available that buff your rally troops when they are attacking or defending, and debuff enemy rallies.

Unlocking the Spartan

Over the past few weeks, fragments have been available to earn in Titanic Alliance War, which has been more prominent lately, as well as Blood Moon and the Corrupted Manalynx event. For those dedicated lords who have taken advantage of these treasures, the final required fragments will be available through the Titanic Alliance War on June 26th. There will also be an opportunity to purchase the needed fragments early.

Getting the most out of your new warrior

We didn’t want the Spartan to simply be better in every category than other titans. It provides a new tool for your arsenal, but doesn’t mean to replace the existing options. Because of that, you may notice at the start of its life that it can have a hard time competing against fully powered-up Warlords and Gatekeepers. 

We recommend that early on in your Spartan’s progress, you invest first in the Troop traits which have been designed to give the Spartan a competitive edge when leading rally attacks. These traits will ensure that your attacking armies have the strength they need to capture citadels and sanctuaries, allowing the Spartan’s unique skill to shine.


“Feel no fear before the multitude of men, do not run in panic, but let each man bear his shield straight toward the fore-fighters, regarding his own life as hateful and holding the dark spirits of death as dear as the radiance of the sun.” – Spartan Proverb