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Dev Diary: Random Card Update

Greetings Descendants!

With this latest patch the Random Card Event will come to an end. But in its place will be a whole new look!

Citadels are now broken out into four groups and each will get their own deck:

  • Deck 1: citadel levels 1 – 24: 20 Ancient Coins per flip
  • Deck 2: citadel levels 24 – 34: 80 Ancient Coins per flip
  • Deck 3: citadel levels 35 – 40: 320 Ancient Coins per flip
  • Deck 4: citadel levels 41 – 50: 1280 Ancient Coins per flip

Each deck will now have rewards relevant to that level range, focused on progressing your castle. Each deck will feature:

  • 10 cards with resource items
  • 6 cards with training items
  • 5 cards with construction items
  • 2 cards with research items
  • 1 card with a “special” item

As part of this change, the amount of Daily Refreshes will be reduced to 1 or 10 for VIP 55 and the cost for each refresh will be 25,000 Gold. We know that Random Cards have needed an update for a while. Even being able to see 10 decks per day, there may have been only a handful of cards that were relevant to your level. With this new update, we are reducing the amount of daily refreshes, but in turn, we hope that you’ll find a lot more of the cards in your deck that are worthwhile.

The exact list of rewards are yours to explore in game, but I will say: no more runes at higher levels! And as a teaser, here’s a snapshot of a random deck that I’ve flipped over in testing:

We’ll be keeping an eye on your feedback about this, and may make some tweaks to the exact rewards over time, but we’re pretty excited to get this new look Random Card deck into your hands to turn over. 

That’s all from me this week, next time we’ll be turning up the heat on the Furnace.

Work hard, play hard,