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Dev Diary: In-Game Mail Changes

Greetings Descendants!

We identified an opportunity to reduce load on the DB and servers by reducing the length of time mail hangs around in your mailbox. Working with the feedback group, we have come up with some updated timeframes for mail expiry:

  • Battle Mail: 183 days (unchanged)
  • Monster Mail: 3 days, (down from 31 days)
  • Loot Mail: 3 days, (down from 183 days)
  • Stronghold mail: 3 days, (down from 183 days)
  • Notice: 40 days (down from 183 days)
  • Alliance: 90 days (down from 366 days)

We understand that battle reports can be like trophies, and also help players to keep track of their current build’s performance. As such, we have not modified the expiry of this mail category. Please note however that we cannot guarantee that player mail will be held indefinitely on our servers. We encourage you to screenshot mail that is important to you.

In addition to mail expiry changes, we are working on a set of options to opt-in to receiving mail for the following categories:

  • Chaotic Strongholds
  • Den of Thieves
  • Monsters
  • Event Monsters
  • Raid Monsters
  • Savior Titans

Many players have expressed that they have no need for mail from these sources, and that they’d prefer not to have to clear the red dot each time they get such mail. These modifications to our mail system are a step toward improved performance and reduced lag. We continue to monitor our systems to identify defects and opportunities for performance improvement.

The expiry date changes outlined above will take effect after the patch this week, March 13th 2024. The opt-in mail option is still in development, so be sure to keep an eye out for updates on that in the next few weeks!

The RFB Dev Team