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Dev Diary: Divine Era #3- Season’s Journey

Hi again Descendents, KIX_Standard here. Today I’m here to explain what we’re calling the Divine Era, which is made up of a few pieces that mark out the journey of the Divine Legion.

The Divine Cache

At the very core of everything exists a treasure chest. Upon obtaining them, these blessed containers will allow you to select either Quartzite, Divine Tomes or Faith to help you on your crusade.

You will be rewarded with different grades of caches for achievements throughout the game! There is a growth mission, and there will be events in the Event Center throughout the coming months. We’ll make sure to make note of those during patch notes.

The Growth Missions

A Divine Era growth mission is set up to reward you for activities that you’ll be doing anyway when interacting with the Divine Legion; things like upgrading your citadel, enhancing your new equipment, healing your troops.

Divine caches aren’t the only reward you’ll receive from these tasks. You’ll also pick up some goodies like Titan’s Tears, Moonstones and resources along the way.

When you complete the entire growth mission, you will be rewarded with a Consecrated Divine Cache, the largest of the caches. By this point you will likely be most interested in the Faith contained inside, but the cache also has another purpose: contributing to the season event!

A quick note for our Lords who have already reached milestones around your castle levels and research: upon starting the event, you should immediately be given credit for completing the tasks.

The Season Event

Bringing these parts together is a season event, which is also called The Divine Era. This will be a long lasting event that counts the number of Divine Caches you earn over that time, by completing the growth missions and participating in Event Center events.

During the event there are a few achievement checkpoints. Every 300 points you will receive Revival Herbs, healing speed ups, and resources to help you on your journey. Once you reach 1500 points, you will be rewarded with cosmetics to commemorate the era: the Castle of the Legion, the Crusader nameplate and the Crusader portrait frame.

At the end of the season, the most devoted players will be further rewarded with exclusive cosmetics. The top 1000 players will receive the Fortress of the Legion castle skin, the top 100 players will also receive the First Crusader nameplate, and the top player will also get an exclusive portrait frame of The Legion!

These new and unique cosmetics will be revealed during the course of the event.

Now that we’ve discussed the Divine Era, I’ll be back again soon to wrap up with what you’ve all been waiting for: equipment!


  • KIX_Standard