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Dev Diary: Divine Era #2- King’s Bounty

Greetings Descendants!

KIX_Standard back at you with the next entry in our series talking about the Divine Era. Today, I want to dive into the King’s Bounty. This is a weekly event where you are tasked with taking down new world map targets, and will be the primary way for you to obtain the new Divine Era equipment.

A band of thieves have invaded the kingdom!

All over the kingdom, a new threat has appeared: thieves! These villainous swine have been hiding out wherever they can, establishing secured hideouts to stash their ill-gotten gains. In the coming weeks, keep an eye out on the world map for these new Dens of Thieves. 

These will be regular world map targets that appear alongside Chaotic Strongholds. You can attack them as many times as you’d like, and attacking them consumes AP. Unlike Strongholds however, they cannot be auto hunted.

This new enemy is not to be taken lightly, but any stolen goods you recover are yours to keep.

Stolen Goods

These larcenists have an eye for quality. When you raid their booty you are likely to find some goods that will go a long way to empowering your castle:

  • Divine Legion equipment
  • Materials critical in the crafting Divine Medallions
  • Divine Hammers for upgrading equipment
  • Resources

A bounty on their heads

Because of the threat posed, a bounty has been offered for eliminating these shady swindlers. Every week, you are invited to participate in a points event, the King’s Bounty, where you are tasked with exterminating them.

(My best effort at making a wanted poster for these pernicious pickpockets)

Every honourable Lord who participates in the hunt will be rewarded with valuable resources needed to enhance equipment for the Divine Legion. Those Lords who are most effective at culling these craven creeps will receive an extra bonus of gold!

Now that we’ve discussed what the King’s Bounty Event will entail, I want to thank you for joining me today.. As we mentioned in our last Q&A, we really want gameplay to become a real, viable and most of all fun, path to equipping your heroes!

Be sure to join me next time where we will cover the ‘Divine Era’ journey, something I’m really excited to share with you all!