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Dev Diary: Dark Moons & Bright Equipment!

Greetings Descendants!

New equipment centered around Dark Moon has been added in this patch. If you read our series a few months ago about the Divine Era equipment you may remember that we are looking for ways to add fantasy-rich new pieces to the mix, and today a glow in the dark is ready to be unveiled.

Our philosophy for this is not to replace the existing Divine equipment, but to supplement it. Where it makes sense, we want to focus on “non-primary” slots, like off-hand and accessories. This batch happens to have armor in it, but it made sense from a fantasy perspective.

The Brightstone

Legends tell of an ancient relic whose glow could pierce through the taint of the Dark Moon. The Brightstone has never been seen, but fragments of it have been recovered and can now assist you by lighting your way in the Sanctum Race. 

Fragments of the Brightstone itself, as well as new Medallions imbued with the power of the Brightstone will be awarded through the Inferno and Alliance points events during Dark Moon. They can be found in the coin shop, as well.


This equipment is Divine equipment meant for the Legion, but with some extra magic involved. To accomplish that, your forgemasters will need the appropriate Divine Hammers, but instead of Stardust they will imbue the new equipment with Brightstone Fragments..


Because this is still Divine equipment, you can enhance it with Divine Medallions. But now you can also choose to enhance using Medallion of the Sanctum.

More righteous power is required when enhancing, so use your resources wisely. You can pick and choose any combination of Divine Medallions and Medallions of the Sanctum in the enhancement screen.

If you choose to dismantle this equipment, however, your forgemaster will only be able to recover Medallions of the Sanctum. No Divine Medallions will be recovered, regardless of what was used to enhance the equipment.

Equipment closeup

There are three main pieces of equipment being introduced here, plus an enhancement-focused accessory:

  • Medallion of the Sanctum, accessory
  • Savior’s Keystone of the Sanctum, accessory
  • Shining Breastplate, torso
  • Lantern of Liveratus, off-hand

Medallion of the Sanctum

A magical medallion imbued with Brightstone fragments. A hero wearing this amulet will be bolstered and any army following them will be able to fight harder, but this medallion is best used to enhance the power of other equipment. Equippable in the Accessory slot.

Savior’s Keystone of the Sanctum

This new accessory introduces a new class of equipment that is meant to interact with Titans. If you are playing with a Savior Titan, you’re going to want this keystone! It has troop deployment stats to help with installation time, and defense stats to help repel invaders. Equipped in an Accessory slot.

Shining Breastplate

A radiant option to give your defense an edge in the dark. At its most potent when defending a sanctuary, your guard captain will inspire the troops as a beacon of hope with this new armor. Equipped in the Torso slot.

Lantern of Liveratus

This Lantern is lit by a flame said to have been ignited by Liveratus himself channeling the power of the Brightstone. Armies guided by its light are able to fight without fear of the dark, and have a huge advantage over your enemies. But take note, any hero carrying this lantern will not be able to carry a shield or off-hand weapon. Equipped in the off-hand slot.

Shine on,