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Dev Diary: Cosmetics!

Greetings Descendants!

When the Divine Era season event was launched, many eyes have been drawn to the mysterious cosmetic tickets awarded from the Divine Era season event. These cosmetics are time-limited commemorations of the heroism of the lords dedicated enough to fight for the Divine Legion. Today, we finally get to reveal these cosmetics!

Each of the three types of cosmetics come as a pair, where one is awarded for completing the campaign and a more exclusive variant is tied to rank rewards. Each cosmetic provides a combat-relevant buff to power up your Legion troops, and the same buff will be available whether you’ve earned the campaign version or the rank version. Only the visual is different, and only one lord will be able to show off The Legion portrait frame.

Campaign completion Ranking
Castle Castle of the Legion Fortress of the Legion
Nameplate Crusader First Crusader
Portrait Frame The Crusader The Legion


Completing the campaign will reward the Castle of the Legion castle skin, while the top 1000 lords will get access to the Fortress of the Legion castle skin. These skins will improve the base defense of your Tier 8 troops.


Completing the campaign will reward the Crusader nameplate, while the top 100 players will get the rare First Crusader. These nameplates come with a buff that strengthens your Divine Legion attack while you’re on the offensive.

Portrait Frames

These portrait frames will bolster the fighting spirit of your Divine Legion army, improving their HP. Completing the campaign will reward the Crusader portrait frame:

But the most remarkable of them all, is the Legion portrait frame. Only the single most powerful lord will get this exclusive portrait frame, with all others looking up at its glory.

So there it is, Descendants. The Divine Era cosmetics are yours to earn, will you answer the call and take up the crusade?

Until next… Wait a minute. What’s that in the top right corner? With the red dot?

Cosmetic buffs

What’s the point of having an amazing new cosmetic, if you still have to use Clown because the rally debuff is too important? ? What if the Rose Castle captures who you are as a person, but 4% Divine Blessing doesn’t say anything about who you are as a warlord?

A brand new cosmetic buff management screen solves that problem. Let’s take a look at the screen and go through some details.

This is the new buff management screen. Now, when you apply one of those cosmetics, you don’t directly apply that buff. Instead, you get 3 buff slots, which represent the buffs you could apply from your castle, nameplate and portrait frames. And you are able to freely choose from any buffs that you have unlocked, regardless of what cosmetics you have applied! 

Getting access to a cosmetic will grant you access to its buff for that period of time. For example, if you spend 1 ticket to unlock the Treasure Island Castle skin for 24 hours, you will also get access to its Troop HP buff for 24 hours. But you don’t have to use that buff! You’re able to swap your buffs around freely at any time for as long as you have them unlocked, regardless of the cosmetics you choose to show off.

(Just to be super sure, nothing is going to change with the unlock flow of cosmetics. You’ll still get tickets or gold, and still unlock cosmetics for whatever duration you choose. The only thing changing is that now you have the option to use its buff, and it isn’t applied automatically.)

There are also a couple of helpful features. The first is a filter. Let’s say you want to apply Titan related buffs. Instead of scrolling through the list, set your filters to Battle and Titan Stats, and voila:

The next helpful feature is being able to see exactly what cosmetic you’d need to access any buff you want. Select the cosmetic, and it lists the function of the buff as well as which cosmetic grants it. Pressing the View Cosmetic To Unlock button will send you right to it:

After unlocking the nameplate, you can go back to the buff screen and see that you now have access to the 20% Titan Repair Speed buff:

You can simply drag and drop that buff onto one of the open slots, and have that buff applied! A helpful timer will show you how much longer you have access to that buff. 

If you want to replace a buff, just drag & drop the new one overtop and it will take over. You can also dismiss a buff by clicking the x in the upper right corner of the buff in the Equipped Buffs list.

Once you have 3 buffs equipped, the red dot will disappear. When a buff expires, it will reappear to let you know that your castle is not as strong as it could be.

It had always bugged me that your power was tied to your cosmetic choices. Now it’s our hope that every lord will be able to freely show off their personality without having to compromise performance on the battlefield. 

In summary:

  • Unlocking cosmetics works the same as it always has
  • Cosmetics no longer directly apply buffs
  • Buffs provided by cosmetics can now be freely selected/equipped, as long as you have the cosmetic unlocked you have access to its buff
  • When you run out of time on a buff/cosmetic, you will be unable to equip that buff
  • Filtering lets you find the buffs you need quickly and easily

I’m off to find my Sweet Cookie castle tickets! Sweet dreams,