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Winter Trade Ship – December 7th 2022

Season’s Greetings, Descendants!

Holiday Season is here and with it, an increased demand for trade. However, the sea is colder and rougher and requires a crew who knows how to navigate those winter waters. The regular trade ships are taking some time out to make way for the masters of the winter seas and with it, some brand new items for you to claim!

■ The Winter Trade Ship Event

Event Period

  • After the 12/07 Patch – Before the 12/14 Patch (PST)
  • After the 12/07 Patch – Before the 12/14 Patch (System Time)

Event Details

During the event period, tap the Island Trade Ship/Foreign Trade Ship each time they dock in your Port for a chance to gain Winter Trade Ship Chests! Don’t forget to also check out the companion event in the Event Center to gain some winter cosmetics!

Winter Trade Ship Chest Contents

Item Q’ty Chance
Faith 11,500,000 70.00%
Diamond Shards 500,000 20.00%
8-Hour Construction Speedup 50 4.00%
8-Hour Research Speedup 50 2.00%
8-Hour Training Speedup 50 2.00%
8-Hour Healing Speedup 50 2.00%


Go Forth, Descendants!