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Scare Bear Event Monster & Season Event, February 2nd 2023

Greetings, Descendants!


Valentines is here and love is in the air,

Gifts are purchased and wrapped with care,

Kingdom inhabitants exchange presents, they’re excited to share,

But is it a present…or the dreaded Scare Bear?


Beware Descendants, a new Event Monster has arrived! Poor Scare Bears only want a cuddle but they’re not aware of their own strength and have now become a major threat to the Kingdoms. Though they may look cute, they have a crushing strength unlike any other and have a tendency to hide in Gift boxes. In the name of love, it’s time to gather your Heroes and track down those pesky Bears!


Please read on for more information.


■Scare Bear Event Monster


Event Period

2/01 (Wed) 11:00 PM – 2/15 (Wed) 10:59 PM (PST)

2/02 (Thu) 00:00 – 2/15 (Wed) 11:59 (System Time)


Event Details

During the Event Period, defeat the Scare Bear Event Monster, which will appear throughout the Rise of Firstborn World, to acquire the 2023 Valentine’s Chocolate Box.

Item name # Rewards Probability
Ancient Coin 200 55.00%
AP Potion (100) 1 2.10%
AP Potion (500) 250 0.01%
Revival Herbs (100,000) 5 15.00%
Revival Herbs (100,000) 1 3.82%
Revival Herbs (100,000) 50 1.00%
Lord XP (100,000) 5 2.00%
Lord XP (100,000) 50 0.05%
Warm Luck 1 1.99%
Summoner’s Lucky Box 1 0.01%
Lv 60 Battle Equipment Material Selection Chest 5 5.00%
Lv 60 Battle Equipment Material Selection Chest 5,000 0.01%
Radiant Lord Material Chest 2 5.00%
Radiant Lord Material Chest 2,000 0.01%
Diamond Shard 50,000 9.00%

*When opened, Warm Luck will provide players with a chance of receiving items such as, RSS, Gold, Speed-ups, AP, Willful/Aspirant/Ferocious gear, Equipment Engraving Stones. The full list of possible items and probabilities will be viewable in game.


■ Scare Bear Monster Season Event


Season Progression

2/01 (Wed) 11:00 PM – 2/15 (Wed) 10:59 PM (PST)

2/02 (Thu) 00:00 – 2/15 (Wed) 11:59 (System Time)


Season Event Details

If you achieve the conditions and earn points during the event period, you will receive Achievement and Rank Rewards according to your total accumulated points.


The Points Acquisition Conditions for the Hunting Season Event are as shown below.

  • Regular Monster Hunt
  • Chaotic Stronghold Hunt
  • Event Monster

* You will not get points for hunting Elite Monsters

* Ranking will be aggregated from all Kingdoms.

* Conditions achieved in other Kingdoms will also count towards the player’s points.

* Points can only be earned during the Season Progression. Points cannot be earned during the Standby or Result Checking Periods.


For more details regarding the Scare Bear Monster Season Event, please check out the Point Event section in the game.


Reward Details

Achievement and Rank rewards details can be found in the game when the event begins. Check the contents of chests by clicking on them and going to “Select/Chance to Obtain”.

Prove that your Alliance is the most powerful in all of the Kingdoms.

Cooperate in battles together with your Alliance to acquire special rewards!

Go forth, Descendants!