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Sanctuary of Unity

Greetings, Descendants!


7.0 Update brings a new opportunity to prove which alliance is the strongest power in the land!

Rally your allies to compete in the Sanctuary of Unity weekly event and win prizes.


Read on for more information.


■ Sanctuary of Unity 


  • 1st Sanctuary of Unity Event Schedule 


  1. Sanctuary of Unity – Declaration Period

7/27 (Wed) 00:00 AM – 7/27 (Wed) 23:59 PM (PDT)

7/27 (Wed) 00:00 – 7/27 (Wed) 23:59 (System Time) 


  1. Sanctuary of Unity – War Period

7/28 (Thu) 00:00 AM – 7/31 (Sun) 23:59 PM (PDT)

7/28 (Thu) 00:00 – 7/31 (Sun) 23:59 (System Time) 


  1. Sanctuary of Unity – Rank Calculations

8/01 (Mon) 00:00 AM – 8/01 (Mon) 01:00 PM (PDT)

8/01 (Mon) 00:00 – 8/01 (Mon) 23:59 (System Time)


* Future Sanctuary of Unity Events will continue to run weekly following the same schedule until further notice.


  • Sanctuary of Unity Guide

A new weekly event, “Sanctuary of Unity” has been added to improve the rally prowess of our Lords.


  1. The Sanctuaries of Unity are randomly generated every Wednesday at 00:00 (System Time) on the center of the World except in the Capital/Sanctuary Regions and the Black Forest.

– The locations of the Sanctuaries of Unity can be checked through the World Map.

There is only one Sanctuary of Unity for each level.  Troops and Buffs that appear in each Sanctuary are all different.

2. A Level 1 Sanctuary of Unity must first be attacked in order to attack higher levels. The “Attack Requirement” of each level must be met.

  1. The Sanctuaries of Unity created during the event period can be struck only by Rally Attacks. Solo attacks, scouts, and ancient magic cannot be used against Sanctuaries of Unity.

– You cannot attack another Kingdom’s Sanctuaries of Unity.


  1. Each player is given the same number of attempts to be a rally leader per event.

– Once you strike a certain level of Sanctuary of Unity as a rally leader, you have to stick to the same level for the remainder of the attack attempts.

– Rally leading count doesn’t reset when changing alliances. 

– If all the rally leading attempts are exhausted, you can continue striking a Sanctuary of Unity by filling others’ rallies. 

– There is no limit to how many rallies you can join as a filler.

  1. If an attack on a Sanctuary of Unity is successful, the points for the damage the rally deals to the Sanctuary are given to the rally leader. These points are accumulated by each player individually to earn Personal Achievement Rewards.

Personal Achievements rewards are sent by mail upon reaching each of the stages.

  1. The Alliance Ranking is determined by summing up the total damage each Alliance deals to each level of Sanctuary.
  • Only the members who have a record of attacking a Sanctuary of Unity and stay in their Alliances until the calculations begin can receive the Alliance rank rewards.
  • If you have not attacked a certain Sanctuary level, you cannot receive the rank reward for that level.


Alliance Ranking rewards are distributed after the Calculations period through in-game mail.


Go forth, Descendants!