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Random Card- May 24th 2023

Greetings, Descendants!

It’s time to test your luck again as the Random Card Event returns! Just like last time and to make it easier to flip Cards, Chaotic Strongholds (in regular Kingdoms) will provide bonus Ancient Coins starting straight after the patch until Wed, May 31st at 11:59PM PDT (23:59 System Time)!

The Event will be starting straight after the patch on Wednesday May 24th so don’t forget to hold off on flipping any Cards until the patch has completed.

Check in with the Inn daily for a chance at winning some limited time rewards- may the odds forever be in your favor Descendants! 

Prize Changes:

  • Removed: Individual Runes from C41+ groups
  • Added: Combat Pet Scrolls to Group 4 Rewards for C31+
  • Added: AP, Revival Herbs, Hero XP to Group 1 Rewards for C41+
  • Added: Sulfur, Dragon’s Blood & Diamond Shards to Group 2 Rewards for C41+
  • Added: Radiant’s Magic Stone, 50% March Speed Up, Mighty Economy Rune of Healing, Faith, Gold, 8HR Construction Speeds to Group 3 Rewards for C41+

Read on for more information.

■ Random Card Event

  • Event Period

After the 5/24 Patch – Before the 5/31 Patch (PDT)

After the 5/24 Patch – Before the 5/31 Patch (System Time)

  • Event Details

During the event period, new and increased rare rewards will be available at a certain rate from drawing a Random Card, and the Daily Refresh count will be increased.  

*The Daily Refresh(es) count increase from 3 to 10 will be applied once the event begins.

*During the event period, the Daily Refresh Cost will be modified from 3,000 Gold to 1,500 Gold.

* Complete list of event rewards can be found in Inn > Rates > Chance by Group.

* Random Cards can be opened by spending Ancient Coins.

* Acquisition: Ancient Coins can be obtained by destroying Chaotic Strongholds.

   The higher the level for Chaotic Stronghold, the more Ancient Coins you will obtain.

* The higher the Citadel Level, the more Ancient Coins you’ll have to spend in order to open the Inn Random Card. This also means the quality of rewards will increase as well.

* It is necessary to login again to the game to check the latest probabilities for the event.

Thank you.