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Patch Notes & Weekly Events- February 14th 2024

Greetings Descendants! A new patch will take place to add new events and packages. Full patch details and information about this week’s events can be found below:

■ 02/14 Patch Notes

Patch Schedule:

  • 02/14 (Wed) Starts at 10:00 AM (PST)
  • 02/14 (Wed) Starts at 11:00 (System Time)

1. Removal of Anti-Port Magic from True World
Just in time for this month’s True World War, we have removed the ability to use anti-port magic in that event. This was based on player suggestion through the feedback portal, and with this change we will consider that suggestion to be launched!

2. Offline Auto Hunt On Hold
Unfortunately, due to reports of many accounts being unable to teleport today, we have decided to postpone the release of offline auto hunt until these issues can be resolved in full. That means that the planned maintenance that was scheduled for tomorrow is also postponed. We will update everyone when a new release date is chosen. Thank you for your understanding!

3. Alliance Deathmatch Event Tuning Change
Based on feedback, after the patch the Power up 5 in ADM will be changed from 8000% Troop HP to 5000% Troop Attack. Please do let us know if this change succeeds in helping with the overall balance issues that were reported in that event!

4. Changes to Leverage Buff Names
With the patch this week, we are editing the names of leverage buffs and debuffs to clarify how they interact with each other. These changes do not affect the underlying mechanics of the game. Please see the following help center article for the list of buffs, their descriptions, names they used to go by and where you can get them in the game:

5. New packages in the shop
Please note: packages will begin at 3PM PST/16:00 System Time and will run until the following Wednesday at 2:59PM PST/15:59 System Time.

  • Take a Chance on Me
  • Regal Splendor Special (Wednesday)
  • Regal Splendor (Monday)
  • Regicide (updated)
  • Enthronement packages (updated) (Monday)

6. Event Center

  • Growth Event – Sunday, Monday.
  • Skirmish Event – Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday, Sunday.
  • Replenish Event – Monday, Wednesday, Friday.

* These data changes will be applied upon reconnecting to the game after the patch. Events and Packages can be found in the game after the day reset, unless otherwise stated.

■ True World

War period

  • 02/16 (Fri) 1:00 PM – 02/17 (Sat) 1:59 PM (PST)
  • 02/16 (Fri) 15:00 – 02/17 (Sat) 14:59 (System Time)

The ‘90% Revive & Heal Cost Reduction’ and ‘0.5% Soul Extinction Increase’ will be applied from the start of the War period until the last day of the Control Period.

* You can enter True World from your kingdom, but not while invading other kingdoms.
* The title of Emperor/Empress/Sanctuary Conqueror’s alliance leader is not transferable during True World’s Control period.
* Control period is 48 hours after the end of the War period.

■ Brutal Alliance War, Season Event


  • 02/17 (Sat) 11:00 PM – 02/18 (Sun) 10:55 PM (PST)
  • 02/18 (Sun) 00:00 – 02/18 (Sun) 23:55 (System Time)

Growth period, Season event

  • 02/18 (Sun) 11:00 PM – 02/19 (Mon) 11:00 PM (PST)
  • 02/19 (Mon) 00:00 – 02/20 (Tue) 00:00 (System Time)

Battle period, Season event

  • 02/19 (Mon) 11:00 PM – 02/20 (Tue) 11:00 PM (PST)
  • 02/20 (Tue) 00:00 – 02/21 (Wed) 00:00 (System Time)

Go Forth, Descendants!