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July Events At A Glance! **UPDATED**

Greetings Descendants!

There were some scheduling errors within the July calendar:

  • – Dark Moon was scheduled for Saturday rather than Friday
  • – The weekly events were also listed as beginning a day later than usual.

We have updated the Calendar to fall in line with the usual timing of those events!

Update: What’s the saying? The third time’s the charm? The weekly events of July 20th- July 27th will NOT be moving to a Wed-Tues schedule as show in the below calendar.  Due to a mix-up with the different internal time mechanisms RFB uses, the events will be going live as they always do (Thursday 21st at 00:00 AM – Wednesday 27th at 11:59 PM PDT). Next week’s events are still being locked, and we’ll have more information about them soon! If there are any questions, please ask so we can help address them!


*Please note: Kingdom Transfer is restricted during Kingdom vs Kingdom (KvK) events such as Invasion, Blood Moon, True World War and Continent Domination.