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Invasion Event 7/30/22

Greetings, Descendants!


An Invasion Event has been prepared to stimulate the battle instincts of our Lords!


Please read on for more information.


■ Invasion Event


  • Event Period


7/30 (Sat) AM 00:00 – 7/30 (Sat) PM 11:59 (PDT)

7/30 (Sat) 00:00 – 7/30 (Sat) 23:59 (System Time)


* The Invasion Teleport Item can only be used during the Invasion Period.


  • Event Details


  1. Invasion Event Matchmaking

All Kingdoms may participate in this Invasion Event.


  1. Invasion Teleport Item Distribution

7/09 (Sat) AM 00:00 (PDT) through Inbox message.

* There may be a slight delay in the distribution time.


  1. Invasion Event Kingdom Buff

‘75% Revive Cost Reduction’ and ‘75% Heal Cost Reduction’ Kingdom Buff will be applied during the Invasion Event.


  1. Invasion Event Rewards


① Victorious Kingdom Buff (5-Days Duration)

The Kingdom that obtains the most accumulated points at the end of the Invasion Period will be the Winner of the Invasion Event.

The Victorious Kingdom Buff will be applied only to the Victorious Kingdom.

– Hunting March Speed 100%

– Stronghold March Speed 100%

– Equipment Crafting Speed 70%


② Contribution Rewards

Rewards will be given according to your Kingdom rank based on the total points earned.

– Contribution rewards include: Gold, Radiant Lord Material Chest, Speed Up Item, Leveraged Ring Materials, and Troop Attack Boost items.

* The rewards will be sent through the in-game mail after the Invasion Event.


③ Invasion Inferno Event Rewards

Achievement Rewards are given each time a point achievement is reached, according to the points earned during the Invasion Event.

The Top 100 Lords will receive Rank Rewards at the End of the Invasion Event.


– Points can be earned during the 24-hour period of the Invasion Inferno Event.

– Achievement Rewards include Revival Herb and Research Speed Up.

– Rank Rewards include Pet Summoning Scroll and various resources. 

– Invasion Inferno Event’s Rank Rewards include Gold, Accessory Material Chests, Radiant Lord Material Chests and Speedups



Go Forth, Descendants!