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Horseless Headman & Monster Season Event- October 12th 2023

Greetings, Descendants!

Darkness blankets the world as the full moon rises, casting an eerie glow which illuminates the twisted trees. The distinctive sound of horse hooves rings out across cobblestone paths as a howling wind races around the valleys. Something sinister is stirring…

As the clock strikes midnight and the veil between worlds begins to thin in preparation of All Hallows Eve, a spectral legend emerges: the Horseless Headman. A ghastly figure roams the plains, spreading a sense of dread and unease throughout the Kingdoms. The once familiar territories now bear the mark of Halloween, adorned with jack-o’-lanterns that flicker like mischievous spirits and fog that clings to the ground like ghostly hands.

Descendants, you must act now before this fiend corrupts the Kingdoms in eternal darkness. Gather your heroes, it’s time to track down the Horseless Headman Event Monster!

Please read on for more information.

■Horseless Headman Event Monster

Event Period

10/12 (Thu) 12:00 AM (PDT) – 10/18 (Wed) 11:59 PM (PDT)

10/12 (Thu) 00:00 – 10/18 (Wed) 23:59 (System Time)

Event Details

During the Event Period, defeat the Horseless Headman Event Monster, which will appear throughout the Rise of Firstborn World, to acquire the Jack-O-Lantern Surprise Chest

Item name Count Probability
(Secured) 20,000,000 Food 2 1.00%
(Secured) 15,000,000 Wood 2 1.00%
(Secured) 15,000,000 Stones 2 1.00%
(Secured) 15,000,000 Iron 2 1.00%
(Secured) 12,000,000 Silver 2 1.00%
100 Ancient Coins 1 42.66%
24-Hour Construction Speed Up 1 5.70%
24-Hour Research Speed Up 1 5.70%
24-Hour Training Speed Up 1 5.70%
24-Hour Healing Speed Up 1 5.70%
Beautification Chest 1 0.56%
Summoner’s Lucky Box 1 0.56%
Lvl 60 Battle Equipment Material Selection Chest 5 1.13%
Lvl 60 Battle Equipment Material Selection Chest 5000 0.56%
Overwhelming Material Chest 2 1.13%
Overwhelming Material Chest 2000 0.56%
Regal Champion Material Chest 2 1.13%
Regal Champion Material Chest 2000  50 0.56%
Diamond Shard 10000 2.26%
Diamond Shard 1000000 1.13%
Faith 40000 1.13%
Faith 400 2.26%
100 Gold 1 5.09%
10,000 Gold 1 0.23%
Titan Tears 10 0.23%
Lucky Chest 1 1.13%
AP Potion (50) 1 5.65%
AP Potion (100) 1 2.83%
AP Potion (500) 1 1.41%

■ Horseless Headman Event Monster Season Event

Season Progression

10/12 (Thu) 12:00 AM (PDT) – 10/18 (Wed) 11:59 PM (PDT)

10/12 (Thu) 00:00 – 10/18 (Wed) 23:59 (System Time)

Season Event Details

If you achieve the conditions and earn points during the event period, you will receive Achievement and Rank Rewards according to your total accumulated points.

 The Points Acquisition Conditions for the Hunting Season Event are as shown below.

  • Regular Monster Hunt
  • Event Monster
  • Elite Monsters

* Ranking will be aggregated from all Kingdoms.

* Conditions achieved in other Kingdoms will also count towards the player’s points.

* Points can only be earned during the Season Progression. Points cannot be earned during the Standby or Result Checking Periods.

For more details regarding the Horseless Headman Monster Season Event, please check out the Point Event section in the game.

Reward Details

Achievement and Rank rewards details can be found in the game when the event begins. Check the contents of chests by clicking on them and going to “Select/Chance to Obtain”.

Prove that your Alliance is the most powerful in all of the Kingdoms.

Cooperate in battles together with your Alliance to acquire special rewards!

Go forth, Descendants!