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Furnace Event- January 25th 2023

Greetings, Descendants!

It has been a long, cold winter across the Kingdoms. Spring is getting closer but right now the air is icy and frostbite is still a risk. However, word on the street is that the Blacksmith’s have found a special gem that powers up the Furnace- giving you that much needed heat as well as some extra rewards! Gather around the hot fire Descendants as the Furnace Event returns! 

For a limited time period, you will be able to earn Zircon Furnace Gems via the Random Card Event to help you power up your Furnace. During the event period, Zircon Furnace Gems are the only item that you will be able to burn in the Furnace. Depending on the amount of Random Cards flipped and luck, there is the possibility of gaining enough Gems to keep your Furnace powered for 2 weeks-providing that you do not add too many at a time. Ration your gems carefully to keep your Furnace hot for longer, as we edge ever closer to Spring!

Read on for more information.


■Furnace Event

  • Event Period

After the 1/25 patch – Before the 2/08 patch (PST)

After the 1/25 patch – Before the 2/08 patch (System Time)


  • Event Details

Place the [Zircon Furnace Gem] in the Furnace to raise its temperature to fiery hot levels! Each Zircon Furnace Gem will raise the temperature by 200 degrees- perfect for warming up cold hands! 

* Every hour the Furnace temperature drops 200 degrees (based on the System Time).

The [Zircon Furnace Gem] can be obtained via the Random Card Event.

* The [Zircon Furnace Gem] will raise the temperature of your Furnace by 200 degrees during the Event period. However, once the event has ended, this will be reduced and any leftover Gems will raise the Furnace temperature by 20 degrees. 

Also, if the Furnace temperature is kept over 5,000 degrees for 23 hours, the Furnace Heat Chest can also be acquired.


 [Furnace Event Rewards Details]

* From the [Furnace Heat Chest] players can acquire all of the following contents.

* The Furnace must be kept over 5000 degrees for 23 hours or more for 1x Chest to be awarded.

Rewards Contents Amount
Furnace Heat Chest
Titan Tear 150
Blood Moon Coins 150000
100,000 Gold 10
Lord AP Potion (500 AP) 20
Dragon’s Blood 20
Radiant Lord Material Chest 200
Lv 60 Battle Equipment Material Selection Chest 500
7-Day Speed Up 2
3-Day Speed Up 5
24-Hour Speed Up 15
8-Hour Speed Up 45


Receive the Hotter Furnace Lv. 5 Chest for each gem put into the furnace.

Rewards Amount Chance
1200% Raider’s Axe (15 Minutes) 1 0.10%
1200% Raider’s Bow (15 Minutes) 1 0.10%
1200% Raider’s Lance (15 Minutes) 1 0.10%
5,000,000 Troop Training Capacity Increase (15 Minutes) 1 0.10%
600% Troop HP Boost (30 Minutes) 1 0.50%
600% Troop Defense Boost (30 Minutes) 1 0.50%
300% Infantry Attack Boost (30 Minutes) 1 1.00%
300% Cavalry Attack Boost (30 Minutes) 1 1.00%
300% Archer Attack Boost (30 Minutes) 1 1.00%
Revival Herbs (1,000,000) 10 8.00%
Revival Herbs (500,000) 10 7.00%
Revival Herbs (100,000) 10 6.00%
Revival Herbs (50,000) 10 4.00%
March Speed Up 50% 2 25.10%
(Secured) 60,000,000 Food 1 9.10%
(Secured) 45,000,000 Wood 1 9.10%
(Secured) 45,000,000 Stones 1 9.10%
(Secured) 45,000,000 Iron 1 9.10%
(Secured) 18,000,000 Silver 1 9.10%