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Christmas Imp Hunt Event – December 7th 2022

Season’s Greetings Descendants!

You better watch out cause he’s going to hide, don’t miss out and we’ll tell you why, Father Impas is coming to town!

Holiday season is here and with it, we have a festive twist on the Imp Hunt event, allowing you to stock up on Magic Stones!

Read on for further information:

■ Christmas Imp Hunt Event

Event Period

  • After the 12/07 Patch – Before the 12/28 Patch (PST)
  • After the 12/07 Patch – Before the 12/28 Patch (System Time)

Event Details

During the Christmas Imp Hunt event, the cooldown will be reduced from 3 Days to 24 Hours.

Reward Details

Father Impmas is in town and for those who catch him, he has some special rewards. Defeat Father Impmas for the chance at gaining VIP Points, Hero XP, Gold and Magic Stone Chests!

*Full prize information can be found in-game.

Happy Hunting Descendants!