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Ancient People’s Trial January 11th 2023

Greetings, Descendants!

We are ringing in the New Year with ten new levels to the Ancient People’s Trial Steeple! 

Beginning after the January 11th patch, the Ancient People’s Trial will permanently have these new floors added and what better way to celebrate than with an Event! 

Between January 11th and January 18th 2023, more towers will spawn on the map with more combined clears per person, giving you even more chances to take out each floor! There will also be a companion Event Center Event for even more prizes! If you’ve been running low on Orbs of Trials, now is your chance to earn some more of those and catch up on any Building Enhancements you may have.

With new floors comes new challenges Descendants. Get your Tier 8 troops ready, the new floors will be harder than the pre-existing floors and there will be some level of puzzle-solving to consider so time to get out those thinking caps! 


Read on for more information.


■ Ancient People’s Trial Steeple Event


  • Event Details


During the Event, the following changes will be made:

– Total Clears per tower have increased from 30 to 300- Please note: Old spawns will still have 30 until they’re cleared but new spawns will have 300

Players can enter the Steeple 25x instead of the usual 5x

– Tower Spawn Count increased from 5 to 15


  • Event Rewards

Challenge Rewards (one-time only) for the new floors include Dragon’s Blood, Sulfur and Divine Stone. Suppress Rewards have increased amounts of special construction materials. Check the Steeples after the patch to find more information about the rewards.  

Go forth Descendants!