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An Update on August Events!

Greetings Descendants!


In order to provide the best possible experience, we are reducing the event schedule for August. This is not a decision we’ve taken lightly, but it is a necessary one to ensure we have the spacing needed to have events function correctly. This will give our team the time to develop new tools and processes to significantly increase stability and reduce bugs. 


We understand this is not happy news, we know how important events are to our players. However, we believe this is a safer approach that will add more stability and consistency to the game. It’s clear the experience you’ve been receiving has not met our standards, and we don’t want to ask our players to continue to receive substandard service or feel like they’re beta testers.


We’ll have an updated visual calendar released shortly, but for now, here’s what events are being temporarily paused and which ones are staying in August. 


Please be aware that these changes are for the month of August only. Your feedback will help us determine how we will plan out the schedule for the upcoming months.


Events that are on pause for August

  • Brutal Alliance War (AUG-8)
  • Alliance Deathmatch Tournament (AUG-8)
  • Invasion (AUG-12)
  • Alliance War & Alliance War Season Event (AUG-15, AUG-29)


Events that will remain for August 

  • Golden Moon – Cinders (AUG-3)
  • Continent Domination (AUG 5)
  • Login Reward (AUG-17)
  • True World War (AUG-20)
  • Blood Moon War (AUG-27)
  • VIP Shop Event (AUG-30)
  • Battle Royale Season Reset (AUG-31)


Thank you for the continued feedback and understanding; we greatly appreciate it.